Finance Option using your Centrepay Benefits to rent household items

Why choose to rent goods via your Centrepay Benefits?

If you are reliant on Centrepay Benefits to meet your day to day living expenses this may be an option for you to access decent quality goods with affordable weekly or fortnightly payments. Almost any household item is available utilising your Centrepay Benefits

When you choose your Centrepay Benefits to pay for the items you need, these are deemed to be Rental Products supplied via a Consumer Lease with quite specific Government regulated terms and conditions applicable

Examples of items we have supplied: Mobile Phones, Laptops & Computers, TV’s Fridges, Washing Machines, Freezers, Dining Settings, Lounge Suites, Bedding

The default period we offer for rental items is 24 months – payments can be made via your Centrepay Benefits as either weekly or fortnightly payments

You have the option to choose a shorter rental term  but you need to be aware this will alter the payment value and this will also reduce the eventual total rental payment amount.  However, your choice of a shorter term will be dependent on your financial situation which can be discussed and decided upon during the application process with our friendly staff

Easy Payment Options has helped over 12,000 clients since October 2003

This is a magnificent option for people and Centrepay deserves the credit for allowing this

Why we say YES more often – As a company we have remained true to our origins and treat each and every person on an individual basis. We have not taken the cheaper route of automated, computer responses. Yes, it can take a little longer but that is why we can say YES to more clients more often.

Centrepay has some sensible requirements and limits about what people can and cannot have which is needed. People renting goods do not have the right or obligation to buy or own the goods BUT at any time throughout the rental term or at the end, you do have an option to make an offer to buy the goods. We are always ready to advise a reasonable purchase price and always make sure it is within a client’s financial means if they wish to make an offer.

Clients are welcome to even get Pre-Approved so they can have the fun of shopping around for the items they need.  To get Pre-Approved simply click this link and apply – APPLY NOW

Shop from our Online Store where we offer hundreds of goods showing the weekly payment option OR go to one of the major retailers we support and choose from there.

If you choose from the retailer and then apply, you will need to collect the following information:

  1. Product name
  2. Price
  3. SKU number (if it has one)
  4. Product Code (if it has one)
  5. Retailers Store name
  6. Retailers address including the suburb
  7. Sales person name that you dealt with

Once you have all this information, simply click on the Apply Now link below and follow the prompts


Any inquires – we are open from 9am to 5pm business days

Ph: 1300 781 788


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