Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 18th february 2016

What areas does Easy Payment Options cover in Australia?

  • Our online store covers almost anywhere in Australia
  • If you don’t find what you need online or you may live in a remote area and want to support your local retailer or supplier of goods or service, simply apply online, name the company involved with all their details and we will follow through for you

How Does this work?

As with any finance option, you will need to meet some criteria but essentially, as long as you can comfortably afford the payments and you are a decent person, this will be approved!

You have various options to select the goods or services you need:

  1. Choose from our online product range. Once you have selected the items you need, continue with the application process. We will be in contact very shortly after and all going well, you should be approved with a few hours
  2. If the items are not in our online store OR you want goods or services from another retailer, simply click on the Apply Here and select Application on our website and follow through with the online application. This allows you to name a retailer or supplier or mechanic of your choice. As long as you enter their details, we will make contact with them and we can arrange for this to happen for you

It really is that simple – We work hard to make this happen for you!

Payment Options?

  • If you need new household items and even other items or need to pay Bills  – but can’t afford to buy them or have the money to pay for them right now, we will help you.
  • We offer affordable payment options via Rental Contracts (Consumer Leases) with a maximum 2 year term. Payment options for rental products can be deducted from Centrepay Benefits or as Direct Debit Payments
  • If you use a Consumer Lease then at the end of this term, you have no right or obligation to purchase the items BUT you can make an offer to buy. We will consider all offers very seriously, no matter what amount you offer.

What type of things can I choose?

  • Depending on the Payment Option, we can supply almost anything.
  • All our Payment Options are “For Purpose“ – In other words, we are not money lenders and there has to be a specific need for goods or finance before we will accept a client.
  • If you choose the Payment Option using Centrepay then this is a Rental Contract with specific terms and conditions applicable and Centrepay states that these goods can only be essential household items, many of which are listed below:
  • Examples of types of goods available using your Centrepay Benefits could include such things as; any Furniture, TVs, Mobile Phones, White Goods, Bedding, Lounge Suites, Dining Suites, Computers and lots more.
  • Always ask if you need something that is not listed here. We always try to help.

Can I choose items from Ebay, Gumtree or Facebook Market Place?

Yes you can choose items from any of these options

You are best to get Pre-Approved so you know how much you have to work with and can give a definite response to the person selling the goods

Click her to Apply for Pre-Approval

How do I choose things I need?

  • Choose from our online store
  • We also work with a number of both large and small Retailers throughout Australia where you can go and choose the items you need. This gives you have a massive choice to select the items you need.
  • If you cannot find the goods you need at a retailer near you, then you can go online and search for the things you need on the internet. You can even get Pre-Approved with Easy  Payment Options so you know how much you have to work with and what sort of goods you can choose
  • You can then rent those items from us and payments are made over an agreed term dependent on your circumstances and conditional on certain criteria being met.
  • If you cannot find it, call us on 1300 781 788 and we will do our very best to help.

Can I use my Centrepay benefits to make rental Payments?

  • Yes you can use your Centrepay benefits or you can choose to pay via Direct Debit
  • If you wish to use your Centrepay Benefits to get the household items you need then, this becomes a Rental Agreement / Consumer Lease with certain terms and conditions applicable which we will explain in full when you apply
  • Once we have agreed to proceed, you simply sign a form authorising Centrepay to pay us the agreed amount directly
  • Payments via Centrepay can be made weekly or fortnightly from most Benefit types

How do I make payments?

  • You can either pay by using your Centrepay Benefits or via Direct Debit
  • Either way, once you apply we will explain your options in full during the application process

How do I Apply?

    • Contact us on 1300 781 788.

    If the line is busy or after hours, simply leave a message with your name and number and we will call you back for free.

What if my Credit History is Bad - Can you help?

    • In many cases, we can and do help people rebuild their credit history and even act as a credit reference for those people as long as they make their payments on time and do not default
    • People with clearouts, bankruptcy and multiple defaults against their name may be declined at our discretion
    • Contact us on 1300 781 788 and we can advise whether you may be accepted or not
    • As with any business, we look at the risk factor and if we believe you are being honest, we will do our very best to help
    • We can all make a mistake and as long as this is not a regular occurrence and pre-meditated to rip a company off then you should be fine

What Items Can I Rent?

What Can I get on Rental?

  • Just about anything you can think of as long as it is a household item

What Brands can I choose?

  • Almost any brand.
  • Select from our online store or
  • We have preferred Retail stores throughout Australia where you choose the items you need and will guide you to these when we set up the contract

How much can I get?

  • We need to protect our clients
  • To ensure you can afford the payments, we work with you to make sure this is affordable
  • This includes limits on the amount you can get at any one time to try and ensure it is affordable for you
  • There are also legal restrictions that we work within under the Australian Credit Code

2nd Chance Finance

  • We offer 2nd Chance Finance to many clients on specific products.  These include: TV’s, Mobile Phones, Laptops & Computers to name a few.
  • We can often help on other goods as well. Simply call us on 1300 781 788 and ask. If we can help rebuild your credit rating – we will!!

What if I move house or change my phone number?

  • You must contact Easy Payment Options on 1300 781 788 to ensure we update our records
  • It is actually part of your legal agreement that you inform us of any change of address or contact details

What documents do I need to provide?

– You need to provide the following documents:

  • Photo ID License, or Medicare card
  • Names address and contact phone numbers of 4 friends or family members
  • Bank Statements either online during the application or as hard copy
  • CRN if using Centrepay Benefits

Do I need a Deposit?

  • No deposit is required but paying a deposit can save money
  • Alternatively, you may have enough for art payment and use our payment options to upgrade!

How long is the Rental Term?

  • 24 months is the default period
  • You may choose to rent over a shorter time period to suit your needs
  • We will advise on these options when we discuss the application with you – please feel welcome to ask about this options

What if I am no longer able to afford the full payment amount?

  • Give us a call and we will do our best to find a solution.
  • If you have a Rental Agreement, goods can be returned if absolutely necessary.
  • We can also extend the Rental Contract and reduce the weekly or fortnightly payment to be more affordable for you.
  • Most important call us on 1300 781 788 and we can work something out.

Can I extend or choose a shorter term?

  • In certain circumstances some contracts can be extended or shortened.

How do I receive Goods?

  • Once the Rental Agreement paperwork is completed, you should receive your goods within 24 to 48 hours
  • Receipt of goods may also depend on a supplier having stock or ordering goods in for you upon application. Ask the retailer or supplier at the time

I want to Terminate my Rental Contract?

Can I reduce Rental Term?

  • When you are applying for the rental contract, you are welcome to discuss a shorter rental period
  • This is a Rental Contract and as such, it is for an agreed period
  • At any stage you can make an offer to purchase the goods. Any offer will be considered although as a Rental Contract, you have no right or obligation to purchase the goods by Australian Consumer Law.

What if I need to change or miss a payment

  • We understand that circumstances change. We can allow for payments to be suspended or reduced, however, this will result in a longer rental period and some penalty charges may apply.
  • Simply call us on 1300 781 788 and we will make the changes for you.

Can I borrow Money?

  • No – We do not lend cash

Can I get a Vehicle?


Can I speak to a Financial Consultant?

  • If you’re having trouble understanding the terms and conditions offered by Easy Payment Options simply call us on 1300 781 788
  • If you have any questions you are welcome to email those to us on or call 1300 781 788
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