Baby Goods Rental Australia Wide

Baby Goods Finance as Rental Goods anywhere in Australia

Why rent Baby Goods? If you wish to utilise your Centrepay Benefits to pay for these items, then they are deemed to be rental items which offers many clients an opportunity to get better quality items

Easy Payment Options is proud to have helped over 12,000 clients since October 2003

Wherever you live we can help you get the Baby Goods you need. We work with one of Australia’s best suppliers of Baby Goods to offer you a huge range of items

Most of the Baby Goods on offer are displayed in our online store at   However, we may have missed the one baby item you really need. If that is the situation, you can always visit any major retailer or even your preferred local retailer and apply for these as separate items. The way to do this is listed below

We can discuss your payment options during the application process. We have made a conscious decision to slow the application process down so that every person talks to a human being – not an automated computer system. This means we can discuss any hiccups that may arise and often can help people where others won’t

Will you own the Baby Goods at the end of the contract?   You have an option at any time during or after the contract is finished to make an offer to purchase the goods. If you choose to make an offer at any time during or after the contract is finished to purchase the item, we can give you guidance on what would be acceptable purchase price and guarantee we are not greedy or silly with this option. If you choose to make an offer to during your contract term we DO NOT apply penalty charges so please ask if you are confused

Why we say YES more often – As a company we have remained true to our origins and treat each and every person on an individual basis. We have not taken the cheaper route of automated, computer responses. Yes, it can take a little longer but that is why we can say YES to more clients more often

Clients are welcome to even get Pre-Approved so they can have the fun of shopping around for the items they need.  To get Pre-Approved simply click this link and apply – APPLY NOW

Shop from our Online Store where we offer hundreds of goods showing the weekly payment option OR if you want something else, maybe go to one of the major retailers we support and choose from there.

If you choose from the retailer and then apply, you will need to collect the following information:

  1. Product name
  2. Price
  3. SKU number (if it has one)
  4. Product Code (if it has one)
  5. Retailers Store name
  6. Retailers address including the suburb
  7. Sales person name that you dealt with

Once you have all this information, simply click on the Apply Now link below and follow the prompts


Any inquires – we are open from 9am to 5pm business days

Ph: 1300 781 788


Or visit our website at –

We would love to help you…….