Finance Made Easy – Choose from our online store or choose from your preferred supplier – either way, we can normally help


We provide “For Purpose” affordable funding options for items or services that you need now  Whether you Work Full Time, Part Time, Casual or rely on Centrepay Benefits to get the things you need, we have a finance option that will normally work for you. We can even help pay Car Rego’s, Rental bonds, Vet Bills, Legal Bills and more. We provide a finance options for almost anything from almost anywhere! 

Products we have funded:  Phones, TVs, Computers, Fridges, Washing Machines, Beds or Bedroom Furniture, Lounge Suites, Dining Suites, Tyres, and even Electric Bikes and lots, lots more

Our Online Store

Our aim is to provide almost anything you may need with affordable payment terms. We now offer most items from Phones, Laptops, TV’s Beds, Lounge Suites, Tyres, Car Rego’s, even Vet Bill payment options for almost anything you can think of. If it’s not there, simply choose what you need from your preferred supplier and apply online entering the details as required. We support most retailers and can normally help.  To APPLY – go to the top of our website and click on the APPLY HERE link

Goods or Services Not Listed

While we are striving to list most every item possible, we cannot have every item available. You can choose goods or services from your preferred seller or provider and apply online for us to fund that for you. Simply click on the APPLY HERE link and complete the online application process

Why are we different?

We are different because we genuinely try to find a solution that works for you. You will talk to a real person, not a computer during the application process. We will always try and make the correct decision whether your application is accepted or not BUT if we happen to decline your application and you believe we should have approved it, we are more than happy to listen to your thoughts and often change the decision if the person concerned has valid reasons.

We do not always guarantee a positive outcome as all decisions are made on a basis where we try to prevent anyone getting into a debt level they cannot afford and in some cases, an applicant may not deserve an opportunity if they have proven themselves to be deceitful. Luckily, that is the minority of cases and most people are wonderful to work with. Most finance companies promise the earth and don’t deliver. We believe in being upfront and honest as that is morally the right approach.

Our company is a family owned business with old fashioned values and morals. We simply try to do the right thing by everybody we work with

What can we do for you ?

Being online and working with  the biggest and most respected Retailers around Australia, we can help almost anyone from any part of Australia.

If it is not listed on our website, that does not mean we cannot help. You can go into any almost any retailer anywhere and choose the items you need – then simply click on our APPLY HERE link and follow the prompts to apply. If you choose this option you will need to know the Retailer or Suppliers Name, Address, Suburb, Phone. The Sales persons name AND the products or services you need along with their SKU number or Product Code, the price and the product or service description to complete the online application

If you are having difficulty, we have our 1300 781 788 number available.

This is answered during business hours of 9am to 5pm Business Days. If you call outside those hours, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we possibly can

We use major retailers around Australia as our suppliers of product. This helps ensure you as the client have the confidence that you will always be looked after.

Our most important part of our business is You, the client and we palce your needs first every time

Because we use major Retailers throughout Australia, there is usually a delivery option. Please speak to us if you need this service. There is often an additional charge from the Supplier fo the goods but we can help you with this as well

Our business relies on you, the client being a happy customer. Therefore, all our efforts are focused on satisfying your needs.  Being finance, we are governed by Australian Law and occasionally we will not be able to help clients. You can rest assured, we will be doing our very best to look after your best interests

We have now been looking after clients since 2003. We are proud of our company and very proud of the fact that many of our clients are still with us from day 1.

This only happens because of our personal care for people. We supply “For Purpose” loans and funding so that our clients can get the goods and services they need now with affordable payment options. We are NOT a Pay Day Lender – we only supply funding for things that we believe are necessary to make your life a better one

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